Waveplayer is a general-purpose, standalone, stereo audio playback board. Wave files are read from a removable microSD or microSDHC card (up to 32GiB) with a FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 file system. Files with any combination of mono or stereo, 8-bit or 16-bit, and 8/11.025/16/22.05/32/44.1/48kHz sample rates are supported.

Waveplayer's analog output has an SNR level exceeding 90dB at full output amplitude and an estimated THD typically under 0.005% (3.9Vpp, 1kHz). A low-power mode allows for battery powered applications, with an idle-state current draw of typically 1.7 mA.

Six user-configurable inputs are available for triggering events (play, pause, next track, etc) on a rising or falling flank. One of these inputs can be used as an analog input for controlling the playback amplitude from -100dB to 0dB with a linear change in voltage.

A header row allows for directly connecting Waveplayer to a Cheapamp board, for a complete audio amplifier system.

An integrated serial interface can be used for more complex control and allows for navigating the file-system, controlling the playback state, and changing system settings.

This entire project is open source hardware and made available under the terms specified in each file. Commercial solutions are available upon request, see Desel.

Waveplayer V1.0.0 Documentation

Waveplayer 1.1.0 Gerber files

Waveplayer V1.1.0 Eagle Project

Waveplayer V1.0 Atmel Studio project


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