Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller  is a general-purpose temperature controller that can be used for any single-ended load such as a resistive heater, cooling fan, refrigerator/freezer, either directly or through some intermediary (such as a relay).

The control law can be varied from a linear ramp in power between two levels to a purely hysteric output, with an additional minimum duty cycle and minimum switch period.

Complementary OK and ERROR outputs indicate a temperature-out-of-range and/or temperature-sensor error condition.

A rotary encoder and three-digit seven-segment display is used to configure parameters and display the current temperature.

This entire project is open source hardware and made available under the terms specified in each file. Commercial solutions are available upon request, see Desel.

Temperature Controller V1.0.1 Documentation

Temperature Controller V1.2.0 Eagle Project

Temperature Controller V1.2.0 Gerber Files

Temperature Controller V1.0.1 Atmel Studio Project & Binary

Obsolete versions;

Temperature Controller V1.0.0 Documentation

Temperature Controller V1.1.0 Eagle Project

Temperature Controller V1.1.0 Gerber Files

Temperature Controller V1.0.0 Atmel Studio Project & Binary


Temperature Controller (green enclosure) mounted in a larger enclosure (beige) with a relay and cable feed-throughs.

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  1. Ian Lee says:


    I just discovered your site and it is a marvelous example of how to properly document and release a project. Of particular interest is your temperature controller. What is the enclosure you are using (the green one) for this? That would work perfectly for a similar project I'm starting.


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