Flexible Servo Controller

Flexible Servo Controller is, as its name suggests, a multi-use servo controller for brushed DC motors with incremental encoder feedback capable of driving motor currents of up to 25 A continuous (10 A continuous without active cooling) at supply voltages of up to 42 V (limited by an absolute maximum of 50 V).

The input position setpoint uses an encoder-like quadrature (A/B) interface and supports speeds up to 1 MHz. A configurable charge pump or active-low input activates the controller, bringing the output out of a configurable off state (brake or coast). Logic outputs are a controller active output, a fault output, and an encoder index output. A serial UART interface (RX/TX) allows for configuring and reading the system state with a command line interface which offers easy access to read and modify the system configuration, tune the controller parameters, read any logged system faults, and save settings to nonvolatile memory.

A programmer capable of programming devices over the PDI interface (such as an AVRISP MKII) and a serial terminal, such as a USB to UART converter (3.3/5 V compatible) are required to program and configure Flexible Servo Controller.

This entire project is open source hardware and made available under the terms specified in each file. Commercial solutions are available upon request, see Desel.

Flexible Servo Controller documenation V1.1.0

Flexible Servo Controller Gerber files V1.2.0

Flexible Servo Controller binary (HEX) file V1.0.0

Flexible Servo Controller Eagle project V1.2.0

Flexible Servo Controller source code (Atmel Studio project) V1.0.0

Old versions;

Flexible Servo Controller documentation V1.0.0

Flexible Servo Controller Gerber files V1.1.0

Flexible Servo Controller Eagle project V1.1.0

flexible servo controller photo

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