Compact Crossover

Compact Crossover is a general-purpose active constant-voltage audio crossover filter1. By resistor choice the cutoff frequency is effectively arbitrary and maintains a stop-band attenuation of 12dB/octave (40dB/decade). Only through-hole components are used, making it easy to assemble. It is capable of running either from a single supply voltage (10-20V) or a dual supply (\pm 5V to \pm10V). An optional mode, with fewer mounted components, allows it to function as an ultrasonic/infrasonic bandpass filter, passing signals in the audio range (1.5Hz to 58kHz).

This entire project is open source hardware and made available under the terms specified in each file. Commercial solutions are available upon request, see Desel.

Compact Crossover documentation V1.0.3

Compact Crossover V1.0 Gerber files

Compact Crossover V1.0 Eagle project


  1. Which is a filter with a completely flat phase response. This is the only crossover filter type that passes a square wave input signal completely unaltered, and as such is the only filter type that is completely transparent in the ideal case. []

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