The Cheapamp amplifier is a compact general-purpose — though audio-oriented — class-D power amplifier with analog volume controls and a pin-header for full digital control. It is based on the MAX9736A/B monolithic amplifier.

The board design is heavily centered around the filter-less recommended design shown in the datasheet, and is configurable for either mono (bridged) or stereo applications.

This entire project is open source hardware and made available under the terms specified in each file. Commercial solutions are available upon request, see Desel.

Cheapamp V1.2 Documentation

Cheapamp V1.2 Gerber files

Cheapamp V1.2 Eagle project


Older releases;

Cheapamp documentation V1.1.1 (D2 replaced in BOM)

Cheapamp documentation V1.1

Cheapamp V1.1 Gerber files

Cheapamp V1.1 Eagle project

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