New projects available!

A new project has been made available; Temperature Controller. This is (as the imaginative title suggests) a relatively simple temperature controller for single-ended loads. This can be used to control heaters, fans, refrigerators/freezers, and so on. See the project page for more details!

Furthermore, it seems there wasn't a front page post for a project previously added; Waveplayer. This can be used as a general-purpose standalone audio playback board that supports playback of moderately high sample-rate/bit-depth wave files. See the relevant project page for detailed information!

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Flexible Servo Controller

Finally, after significant delays, Flexible Servo Controller is now published and freely available! At the moment there's no video to quickly demonstrate its functionality, so see the front page of the documentation for a brief explanation.

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Temporary downtime

After a short period of temporary downtime (changed hosting provider) Rabid Mantis is now back, with a new project --- Braking Resistor; a power-dump primarily intended for handing regenerative power from low to mid-power servo and stepper-motor drives. Expect a full servo-motor drive in the coming week!

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Upcoming projects

There are a few projects that are still at varying stages of progress and will probably be documented and put online given enough interest (hint hint). They are;

  • A 60W DC-DC flyback converter, 9-15 V in, 0 - 200V out, approximately 80-90% efficient.
  • A modular MOSFET-based coilgun stage for low to moderate power (a few joules of kinetic energy, enough to sting but not bruise).
  • A simple multi-point temperature sensor board using the DS18B20/DS18S20 sensor.
  • A capacitive rotary-encoder-like unit, with an RGB led for status. (Think touchpad or 2nd gen. Ipod)
  • NEW a brushed DC servo motor controller (DC motor with incremental rotary encoder), up to 25A and 40V continuous load. Will be finished some time during the summer of 2013.

(This is a continuously updated list)

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Hello world

This is Rabid Mantis, shouting "Hello!" to the world. At the moment four well documented and tested open source hardware projects are available here, with more to come. See the How-To section for a description of how to get started with the projects, or any of the other four project pages to get started right away.

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